You will eat cherries more often after you read this!

It is cherry season again. For the Viennese professor Hademar Bankhofer they are “natural medicine from a tree” – because they help against rheumatism.

List of substances containing cherry is long: Vitamin C for immune system, folic acid for heart and circulatory system, calcium for bones and iron for blood. However, the most valuable of all the vegetable dye cherries, called anthocyanidins. “After dark cherries contain more colors, they are healthier,” says Bankhofer.

German doctor Ludwig Koch who himself suffered from gout started in the 50s of the last century the study with patients suffering from rheumatism and gout. Since then it has been proven that cherries reduce uric acid levels and inflammation.

Anthocyanidins have a cosmetic effect. They strengthen the connective tissue and prevents wrinkles by destroying harmful enzymes that make your skin old and wrinkled. Cherries are a natural cure for cellulite because it can prevent its occurrence.

With protective acids and fruit sugar which encourage the work of the stomach, intestines and pancreas and thus stimulate digestion. It contributes to the rich share of ballast substances. “Cherries empty and therefore relieve the heart and blood circulation, activates the liver and kidneys.” In addition, bacteriological substances in cherries prevents the formation of plaque and thus can prevent caries and gum problems.