You Can Cure Cancer With Baking Soda Just By Doing This

Cancer is caused by fungus Candida albicans according to a former Italian oncologist named Tulio Simoncini.


However, this fungus is easy to be defeated with a very simple treatment based on sodium bicarbonate. It will alkalize the tumor and the whole body, stop the Candida, shrink the tumor, and stop the metastases.

His research and the four elements

This research of his is based on 4 elements and the first of them is acid bodies that are related to cancer and other health problems. Sodium bicarbonate has been used as an ingestion aid or antacid for many years.

Most of the immune’s response is being directed by beneficial bacteria in the intestines, releasing anti-cancer vitamins like vitamin K, biotin, folic acid, and B-12 from food, and also produces a compound named sodium butyrate, making cancer cells destroy themselves. Once the intestine acidity increase, the beneficial bacteria will not function properly. The beneficial bacteria are actually the first defensive mechanism in the body, and during the night they digest the yeast, microbes, and fungus which enter our bodies through food. Fungus and yeast are the favorite food for the beneficial bacteria.

Cancer and Candida

When there is no oxygen Candida and other yeasts gain energy, meaning that they are anaerobic. Yeasts can further colonize in other body parts through blood and reduce the oxygen levels in that area. The cells then switch their system to one which is not using oxygen. The same system goes for the cancer cells, so they do not use oxygen in order to produce energy. This has been proven by Otto Warburg who won a Nobel Prize discovering that oxygen is the greatest enemy of cancer cells.

The blood stream transfers Candida Albicans, so you may kill the yeast by using cinnamon and oregano. Cinnamon is also great for type-2 diabetes. People who have high blood pressure have a great risk for cancer because Candida produces waste product which is very similar to sugar. Moreover, those women who have taken more antibiotics are at greater risk of breast cancer due to their weakened immune system and the low levels of beneficial bacteria.

Per Dr. Simoncini, creating an environment which is not suitable for Candida can stop cancer. This discovery of his is very important and remarkable; however, no doctor in Italy supports it.