Woman shocked doctors, after she cured from cancer in the fourth stage, not with chemotherapy, but with …

Candice (31), which doctors predicted, that she will live maximum five years, she overcome the disease ofcancer herself by eating three pineapples a day…


Candice Mary Fox refused to be treated with chemotherapy after a diagnosis of thyroid cancer, and instead renounced meat.

“Woman ditches ‘toxic’ husband and beats cancer”

Astounded doctors now found that Candice has fully overcome the disease.

Instead of live entertainment on weekends, and work the same things every day, ” I completely changed my lifestyle. I decided to live for myself and enjoy life as it is.” Says this Englishwoman.


She refused chemotherapy

Cancer was diagnosed three years ago, then was supposed to go to work. When the cancer has started to flourish, she refused to go to chemotherapy.
– Instead she started to take care of her nutrition, every day she ate pineapple, grapefruit, lemon, apple, kiwi and bananas, says Candice for British media.
She also removed the “toxins” such as alcohol, cigarettes and meat. Only six months later, the disease has withdrawn.

Without the support of her husband that is the reason to separate with him.

– Candice explains, adding, that he has received some bad and unhealthy habits .
Today, having completed the therapy, she is completely healthy and happy that she has received the opportunity of a new life.