Tilapia are PUMPED Full of Soy, Fertilizer and Cancer-Causing Chemicals. Eat THESE instead

By Lindsay Sibson

As a kid, my mom convinced me to eat more fish, because“it would make me smart!”

I obliged and it turns out that there is a bit of truth in that statement – eating fish IS good for you! However, the type and quality of fish you eat matters.

Now, you aren’t going to become a super genius by noshing on fishies… BUT, the fatty omega acids can give your brain and body a boost.

There is a CATCH (Get it… “catch” – pun very well intended).

All corny jokes aside, NOT all fish are capable of enhancing your health. Some may even be harmful to consume.

One of the front runners for being an unbeneficial fish to eat is tilapia. On a nutritional level, tilapia barely resembles any other regular fish that you would eat at all.

WHAT Is Tilapia?

  • A white fish, mild in taste
  • Easy to cook – boneless and skinless
  • Extremely cheap to breed (which makes it a big seller due to its low price)

What Is The PROBLEM?

The issue with eating tilapia is that the majority of it is grown in unnatural conditions, mostly bred in factory farms.

In the wild, tilapia eat plants and algae. However, tilapia that are cultivated in factory farms eat a diet of feeds (consisting of corn and soy) and fertilizers. If that isn’t scary enough, the farms ALSO use a plethora of chemicals in order to breed and keep the fish alive!

You not only are what YOU eat. A more accurate statement would be… You are what your FOOD eats.

What does that mean?

It means that since a significant amount of chemicals are used during tilapia farming, these same harmful chemicals end up in your body any time you eat the fish!

Eating farm-bred tilapia can cause a number of harmful and negative effects to your body, such as:

  • Coronary disease
  • Asthma
  • Joint inflammation
  • Cancer

TAKE NOTE: Farm-bred fish DO NOT provide the required nutrients you would get from eating wild fish. To be safe, always check the source of where your food is coming from!

The Verdict?

It’s best to steer clear from farm-bred tilapia to avoid its potential damaging effects.

Here are 4 healthier FISH options:

1. Wild Alaska Salmon (particularly sockeye) 

2. Sardines

3. Herring

4. Black cod (sablefish)

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