THIS Fruit Removes Body Odor Better Than Cancer Causing Deodorant!

We all know that one of the main roles of the sweat is to control the body temperature, but another role of the sweat is to fight infections. It’s dermicidin, a sweat compound, that prevents the bacteria from entering your body and causing harmful infections.

The antiperspirant sprays do more harm than good, they ruin the natural process of sweating by blocking the sweat ducts with toxins such as aluminum. By doing it, the bacteria grow, multiply and slowly enter the bloodstream.

They also contain many other toxins that harm your health, causing many diseases like Alzheimer’s disease, reproductive damage and many others.

So, lime can be of great help in reducing the body odor. Not only it is safer, but it is more effective natural product.

Method of Usage

  • Take a fresh lime and cut it in half. Rub one piece into your armpit and then on the other one.
  • Dry your armpits before you put on some shirt. The lime will provide a fresh citric scent that will last all day long.
  • The lime will prevent any stains on your clothes.
  • Only one slice will provide a few days of protection so for that reason have some lime in any time.

Why It Is Good?

It is not the sweat that smells that bad, but it is the bacteria that it is not killed the dermicidin. This bacteria continue to grow and multiply into your armpits.

Lime juice is a natural way to get rid of the bad smell and the harmful bacteria.

It does not mask the odor like all the deodorants do, but it removes it for ever.