It is obvious that more and more individuals are showing great interest in all-natural remedies. At the same time, the Big Pharma is trying to promote their pharmaceutical drugs even more aggressively or even force patients to use them despite the fact that many of these drugs lead to serious side effects.
The many health benefits of marijuana have become available to the general public. There are many products based on cannabis that can help people with different health issues.

For instance, Foria Relief Company designed a simple vaginal suppository which is able to serve as a substitution for popular pharmaceutical drugs like Ibuprofen, Midol and Vicodin. This product is based on cocoa butter and it is usually served as a natural remedy to heal menstrual cramps and it works by soothing the pressure and tension in the muscles. It is good to point out that this remedy doesn’t lead to any psychotropic effects.

The production process of this natural remedy is complex. First of all, it is necessary to extract the cannabis flowers which are free of pesticides (organic), so we can use the active ingredients found in it. After that, these ingredients are treated and combined with specific doses of cannabidiol or CBD and tetrahydrocannabinol or THC.

The first element CBD is present with 10 mg while the second is present with a dose of 60 mg. it is good to point out that the process of free of microbes. The THC inhibits the discomfort and pain and brings positive signals to our brain. At the same time, CBD provides positive effects on the activities that lead to inflammation,. Soothes cramps and leads to relaxation of the muscles.

A middle-aged woman publicly talked about the experience she had with these vaginal suppositories. She claims that this remedy helped her elimination the tension and muscle cramps. Instead of feeling pain, she was feeling quite relaxed and happy.

The FDA has not approved this natural remedy yet and it is only available in the state of California.

No side effects were reported yet, but before you use this remedy it is a good idea to consult your doctor.