The most effective exercise ever!

PLANK: The only one exercise without movement which tones every muscle and frees us from excess weight!

“Plank” is one of the most popular and most effective exercises around the world. It drives to work not only abdominal, but also the muscles of the whole body. Do this 5 minutes a day and you will be surprised by the results. 



The essence of the exercise is that, you should at least once a day as a “float” above the floor for several minutes relying only on arms and legs, writes portal! Undoubtedly, be located in such a position even 2 minutes – not an easy task. At this time they are activated by a large number of muscles. But as a result of this exercise you will have a strong back, a firm behind, no cellulite, sculpted legs, flat stomach and nice hands.

How do you do the exercise “Plank”?
“Plank” is a static exercise. No movement is involved, so it is important to keep a good posture.

Lie on the floor belly down. Bend your elbows to 90 degrees and set in a lying position on your elbows. The body should form a straight line from head to heel. Lean only on your forearms and your toes. The elbows are directly under your shoulders. Keep your body as straight as possible, and strained abdominal muscles should not be  relaxed. Try not to lower the hips toward the floor.

Feet. Hold them together. It will be difficult to keep the balance and  that will increase the pressure on the abdominal muscles.

Your legs. They should be straight and firm, otherwise the pressure on the rectal abdominis muscle, which supports the lumbar region of the spine, will also be reduced.

Buttocks. Keep it flexed and do not relax until the end of the exercise, because it helps activate all the muscles of the lower torso.

Cross. The most important moment. When properly performing the exercises, lower back must be straight. This means that there mustn’t be curved. Imagine that your back if firmly leaned against a wall.

Stomach. Tuck it in such a position even try to underline the ribs. During the exercises hold your stomach in such a position, but do not hold your breath.

Elbows. To avoid unnecessary burden on your shoulders, put your elbows directly under your shoulders joints.

Remain still in this position as long as you can. For starters it is enough for 10 seconds. As a rule, people with different physical readiness retain this pose for 10 seconds to 2 minutes. After a break of 2 minutes and repeat the exercise. 5 repetitions will be enough. If you are a beginner, do not attempt to break the record, start slowly.

It is important to do this exercise every day, preferably at the same time.

The benefits of the exercise, “Plank”

Firm buttocks.
The exercise is focused on the buttocks and hamstrings. So not only do you get the desired shape of the buttocks you will reduce cellulite as well.

Strong back.
During exercise active the lower back muscles, also shoulders and the neck part. So, this exercise can serve as prevention of osteochondrosis in the field of neck and lumbar spine. In addition, it frees the pain in the shoulder and between the shoulder blades, which occurs as a result of carrying heavy bags or long sitting at a desk.

Firm attractive legs.
The main burden falls on the legs. In this includes all the leg muscles – from hip to ankles. There is no room for concern if you feel a burning sensation in the muscles – it is a sign that the muscles work.

Firm hands.
It is obvious that with the legs in this exercise intensive training and hands. On them is maintained half of body weight.

Flat stomach.
When the whole body tenses, it automatically triggers the abdominal muscles, the lower, and side.