She Was Drinking Warm Turmeric Water Every Morning For 12 Months, And Then This Happened

The health benefits of turmeric are well known to most people. If you have always had thought of drinking that cup of turmeric water, but could never start with it, this is the time you should start with this healthy habit. This spice has been proven for benefits, with the most important ones being its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties.

Curcumin is the primary ingredient present in this spice. It is a wonderful and greatly beneficial compound. You would be amazed to know that a staggering 7000+ reviewed scientific articles have been written on curcumin, which detail out the positive benefits of this wonderful compound.

Here are 10 Stunning Benefits of Drinking Warm Turmeric Water

Make sure to drink it in the morning.

1. Anti-inflammation Benefits Against Diseases

There are so many diseases which are caused because of different types of inflammations. Studies have already proven the strong anti-inflammatory benefits of curcumin in fighting these diseases. Curcumin is something that you will find to be even more effective against so many inflammations compared to various anti-inflammatory drugs.

. Turmeric is a Brain-Protective Herb

According to scientists, Alzheimer’s disease and dementia are normally related to the low levels of Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor or BDNF (important growth hormone). Scientists have proven the benefits of curcumin in the maintenance of the appropriate levels of this hormone. This is greatly helpful in protecting against some types of brain diseases. It also helps protect against age-related brain functions.

3. Fighting Cancer

The compound curcumin is not just any normal ingredient. It is such a powerful antioxidant that it’s capable of preventing cell damage and fighting cancer.

4. Improving Your Digestion

Some experts claim that regular consumption of turmeric on a daily basis helps in improving your digestion.

5. Heart Healthy & Protective

Curcumin has almost endless health benefits. It is also beneficial in preventing formation of blood clot. It works by removing the buildup of plaque in your blood vessels. There are many studies proving its benefits for heart health. A major one is the 2011 study published in Biological & Pharmaceutical Bulletin. The study conducted at the Niigata University of Pharmacy & Applied Life Sciences, Japan discovered that the consumption of turmeric helped in improving heart health of male rats in just 3 weeks.

6. Get Relief from Your Arthritis Symptoms

According to another study conducted in 2012, involving RA subjects, it was found that curcumin and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) have the same effects. According to research, curcumin has been found to be more effective compared to diclofenac when it comes to treating pain and swelling.

7. Slows Down Aging & Boosts Longevity

Because curcumin can fight inflammation and free radicals, it is also beneficial in slowing down the process of aging.

8. Reversing Type II Diabetes

According to a 2009 study conducted in the Auburn University (published in Biochemistry & Biophysical Research Communications), the diabetes-reversing benefits of turmeric were found.

9. Liver Protection

Turmeric is also great for your liver’s health. It helps protect this important organ against the harmful effects caused by toxins. In fact, it is so good for your liver that it can help with regeneration of any damaged liver cells. That is not all. Turmeric is also great in maintaining the property functioning of your gallbladder.

10. Alkalizing the Body

Scientists have already established that cancer requires acidic environment to thrive. Turmeric is alkaline and helps in fighting against cancer.

Preparing Turmeric Water


– Ground turmeric – 1 tsp

– Black pepper – A pinch

– Warm water

Mix all these ingredients properly. Keep stirring while you drink it. Make sure the water remains warm when you are drinking it.