Remove Wrinkles, Acne Scars and Stains With This DIY Face Mask Just After The Second Use…

Acne medications have been always used by people in many ways, some of them effective and some of them are not worth to talk about.

Rashes, scaling and itching are the usual side effects only because some of the products are not organic. These side effects lead to dark patches and acne scars.

The awareness of the benefits of fruits and vegetables is on a higher level and many people are interested in the alternative medicine and remedies.

You can make a face mask so easily just from your products in the kitchen that will give you a youth look and it will remove the acne scars, stains and wrinkles.

This is the way you can make a mask for your face:


half of teaspoon – nutmeg
-one teaspoon – honey
-one teaspoon – lemon juice
-half of teaspoon – cinnamon

Make a paste of these ingredients, using a suitable bowl. If you are want you can add more honey or lemon juice to the paste, it’s up to you.

Warnings: You should not use honey in this mask if u suffer from vascular disease, rosacea, etc. Honey in this case widens the blood vessels. Instead, you can use green or white clay but with the right proportions from above.

How to apply the mask?

-This mask is only for the face, of course you should avoid contact with the mouth and eyes.

-The mask should be left on the face for a 30 min.

-After the time past, you should rinse your face with warm water.

-After that procedure, apply the crème you always use for your face.

-If your face burns do not worry, it will subside after five min.

-At last, you should know that this is not a mask to exfoliate your face.