Most Of The Chicken That We Consume is Full of Cancer-causing Arsenic. Make This Change Now!

The vertiginous demand of food that we live today, makes proliferate certain techniques to multiply the supply at any cost, even to the detriment of the health of the people.

Only organic farming and animal husbandry procedures ensure that they are free from pesticides, chemicals and harmful elements that harm our organism, but few pay attention to the fact that the indiscriminate use of substances to increase productivity is poisoning the population.

The chicken is a food that we eat all the time and that is present in the gastronomy of almost all the countries. It is a very important animal protein source and has a mild taste that makes it popular and a meat easy to digest even for the little ones.

But we must keep in mind that consuming chicken, can put our health at risk, if certain precautions are not taken, because many of the medicines that are supplied to the chickens contain arsenic.

Although there is organic arsenic, which is used in animals that are consumed, studies reveal that after a while, arsenic degenerates and becomes harmful.

Arsenic causes serious problems in the body that range from intoxications that cause diarrhea, to numbness in muscles, to headaches, cramps and general malaise.

To sell these chickens on the market, companies use substances that contain arsenic to make them fatter and make them “yield” more.

Prolonged consumption of arsenic can lead to serious pathologies and complications for people with diabetes, skin reactions and cardiovascular disorders.

It is best to always resort to organic food and this also applies to chicken, which is healthier when it was raised on a farm and fed with fresh and natural products. And this is evident in the consistency of the meat of the chicken and in its white color.

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