Many Woman Suffer From Fungal Infections And They Can Cure Them At Home

Fungal infections have become a common problem for many people and are not very easy to clear. However, thanks to the following natural remedies, you can clean them safely at home.


Rosemary tea can relieve the itching and burning sensation caused by a fungal infection, and can also be used for intimate care. Take 1-4 cups a day to relieve yeast infections, or drink blueberry juice a couple of times a day to fight fungal infections. You can also take cranberry extract in pills or consume dry blueberries to the same effect.

Essential oils

Most essential oils have antifungal properties which make them ideal for fungal infections. In order to resolve vaginal yeast infection, soak a tampon in tea tree oil and insert it twice a day. You can do the same with oregano oil mixed with olive oil. Tea tree oil can be taken in capsule form as well.



Due to the strong antibacterial and antifungal properties, garlic is one of the best ingredients against fungal infections.


Add a cup of organic apple cider vinegar to a hot bath then soak yourself in for 20 minutes to get rid of fungal infections.


Marigold is a powerful antifungal agent that can treat most infections. Mash a few of the herb’s leaves, then apply the paste on the affected area and repeat the process every day until you notice results.