How To Cure An Ingrown Toenail At Home

The ingrown hair is a chronic illness by which from different reasons one or both sides of the nail grow under the skin on the soft parts of the thumb.

There are different methods of conservative and chirurgical curing of this illness, but before the complications occur, in the early stages the curing of the in grown nails can be done at home.

For the curing to be successful you need to make right growth of the nail so that it doesn’t irritate the skin around it. For this purpose, you need to do the following:

-Make a hot bath for your toes, so that your skin and nails become softer. You can do it with sodium bicarbonate – 2 or 3 tablespoons of sodium bicarbonate in a 5 l of water, you can also add salt, or, a permanganate bath. The temperature should not be more than 37 Celsius degrees.

-After the bath try to remove the in growth nail. To make the procedure easier, take a sticking plaster and stick it on the ill side of the thumb, then pull it on the other side and stick it there also. By doing this, you will make the nail more approachable.

-Raise the end of the nail and with the help of tweezers try to softly put a piece of cotton between the nail and the skin. It is best if you dip the cotton in a iodine or some antibacterial cream before applying.

-Put cotton dipped in iodine on the outer part of the nail also and wrap it up.

-Do the same procedure after 24 hours. Change the wrapper and the cotton.

-Do this procedure for 12 to 14 days.

Time after time, the nail will grow up and pass the skin.

If you don’t succeed to put cotton between the nail and the skin the first days, put it the skin where the nail grows in and put antiseptic cream over it – aloe vera or a mixture of honey and garlic (1 tablespoon of honey mix with one grinded garlic clove). Put it in the evening wrap it up, and in the evening try to put up the nail.

It is very important to soften the skin and change the cotton every day (between the nail and the skin). The nail will grow over the skin. After succeeding in the procedure, just rasp the ends of the nail.

In the future, don’t forget to do pedicures.

You should not do this at home if there is an infection of the nail and pus. In this case, seek help from a doctor.