Probably many of you, at least have had issue with bad breath. Have you ever been in situation you can`t get rid of the bad smell in your mouth no matter what you do?

There are many options, such as peppermint candies or brushing the teeth, but are not much efficient.

In this article you can see how to prepare one remedy that is extremely effective.

Ingredients needed:

2 lemons

½ teaspoon cinnamon powder

½ teaspoon honey


First of all in one bowl pour some water and add the honey and cinnamon. You should stir until the honey is melted and then add the lemon juice. Now, stir again, until the compound is homogeneous and store the solution in a glass jar. Place the mixture in the fridge.


It is very simple: gargle your mouth with this remedy and swallow it. You can use this remedy as much times as needed.


The combination of lemon and cinnamon will kill the bacteria which is the reason for bad smell in your mouth. In addition to that, these ingredients will make disinfection in your mouth cavity. On the other hand, honey will give better smell to your mouth.

This solution is great solution for bad smell in the mouth, but in same time it is very helpful in protection against colds and viruses due to the fact it boosts the immune system and has amazing antioxidant properties.